If you truly would like to explore Bali, you would have to go to new places. Places that are not spoiled by modern technology and unknown to most tourist. We invite to join our expedition into the heart of the island. Every week we discover new paths and interesting places.

8 of March - Expedition around the island.

On 8 of March we will travel around entire island Bali in one day. We will start very early, so we can get to the beach on the east coast to see a beautiful sunrise. There you can relax and swim. From there we will travel around mountains and will arrive to Amed for breakfast. There you can relax, eat and swim some more in Indian ocean. After that we will travel to an old capital of Bali - Singaradja. There we will visit an old harbor and Chinese temple. Then we will visit the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali and will enjoy hot springs in village nearby. On the way back we will visit beautiful waterfall of two lovers and will do some tracking through the jungle. 

We depart from “Adventure club” in Sanur at 04.00. Must book in advance (last booking at 6 of March)
Price 55$/person. Included: Transfer, guide, tickets, cold water, photographs, video, certificates


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