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Indonesian flora and fauna is unique. There are thousands of different species of animals and plants. While in Bali you can see some of the unique creatures and flowers of Indonesia.

This tour will introduce you to an exotic world oh flora and fauna of Indonesia. We will visit Bali Bird Park, where you can find unique species (including the largest lizard in the world, Komodo monitor lizard). Then we will visit the Reptile Park, where you can safely watch the most dangerous animals of the Indonesian archipelago. We will stop in the monkey forest, where you can admire the amusing macaque in their natural habitat. Also we will visit the Orchid Garden and  Pearl Gallery.

Price: $ 60/adult, $ 45/child.
Included: transfer, Guide, tickets, refreshments.


According to the Hindu epic, the famous monkey Hanuman helped rescue a beautiful princess from evil sorcerer. One of difficulties, that he needed to overcome during rescue, was the passage of the dangerous tropical forest of Dandaka, which was full of traps. High in the mountains of Bali there is a dense tropical forest, recreating this story. In this forest lies a maze of obstacles, suspension bridges and ropes. Check your physical skill and bravery! Unlike Hanuman you will have training and insurance. After you arrive at the fruit market and taste a lot of tropical fruit. On the way back we will visit Alas Kedaton (a forest where you will see a lot of monkeys and will be able to take a picture with a flying fox).

Price: 85 $/adult, 75 $/child (5-12 years).
Included: transfer, Guide, tickets, pictures with flying fox.

Elephant Safari through the tropical rainforest. In the park you can see elephants and take pictures with them. You can learn more about these majestic animals in a special museum and enjoy lunch in the restaurant overlooking the lake, where elephants take their bath. 

Price: 85 $/adult, $ 60/child (5-12 years), 25 $/child.
Included: transfer, elephant show, lunch, elephant safari.

Rafting + elephant Park: 135 $/adult,  95$/child: 
ATV + elephant Park: $ 175/adult, $ 300/tandem, $ 280/tandem with the child.


Treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure: early morning boat will take you to the southern coast of Bali to meet amazing dolphins. During the tour there is a 90% chance that you will see dolphins (because dolphins swim freely in the Ocean). However, we are happy to offer you free of charge trip, if during the first one you didn’t get to see dolphins. Not recommended for children under 10 years of age, pregnant women and people with heart disease or musculoskeletal system.

Price: $ 60/adult, $ 40/child (10-14 years).
Included: transfer, boat ride, coffee/tea/juice and pastries.

During this trip you can observe sharks and swim with them. This three-hour tour includes: cage diving in shark habitat (mask and snorkel will be provided), a visit to the Turtles Research Centre, visit the Sea Garden on Serangan (in aquariums you will find  the rarest types of fish), lunch.

Price: 100 $/adult, $ 90/child (8-12 years).
Included: transfer, aquarium and the research center of turtles, lunch, swimming with sharks.

Discover the nature of Indonesia in a Safari Park. You will see the biggest show on the island, fish aquariums, go on a safari ride and relax at water park for children. Here you will find many species of animals, birds and fish, including monitor lizards, Komodo, baberusa, orangutans, tree kangaroos, piranha, white Tigers, etc. also you will see the most colorful and famous show on the island-Bali Agung.

Price: 70 $/adult, $ 60/child. Minimum 2 people.
Includes: transportation, entrance fees, safari, elephant show, a show with exotic animals, aquarium, water park, attractions, colorful show Bali Agung.

During this trip you will be able to ride a camel along the coast of Nusa Dua. The route runs along a beautiful beach of the Indian Ocean. You can enjoy beautiful views of nature and Hindu temples.

Price: $ 80/adult, $ 45/child (2-11 years).
Included: transfer, hour camel riding, lunch.

Elephant Safari at night in the silence of the misty forest. First you will see the elephant show, then take a ride on an elephant through a real tropical night jungle, and finally have a dinner in the restaurant  "Palm Grove on the shore of the Lake.

Price: $ 105/adult, 75 $/child (2-11 years).
Includes: transportation, entrance fees, safari, shows, dinner.

A trip to Bali Zoo, where you can meet animal inhabitants of Indonesia. You'll see orangutans, hornbill birds, gibbons, monkeys, lions, elephants and other exotic animals.

Price: $ 75/adult, $ 40/child (2-11 years).
Includes: transportation, entrance fees, guide.

Package: Zoo + Bird Park + Orchid Garden - $ 100/per person:
Includes: transportation, entrance fees, guide, refreshments.

Just a 15-minute boat trip takes you from Benoa Harbor to Turtle Island. You can visit the Turtle Recovery Center and take photos with unique animals that live on the island. On the way back you can swim near the coral reef off the coast of Tanjung Benoa.

Price: $ 80/adult, $ 40/child (2-11 years).
Included: transfer, boat tickets.

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