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Motorized tours


Breathtaking ATV ride. The route passes through the rarely visited places of Bali. Mountains, rice terraces, clove trees, mango groves, Balinese villages unspoiled by modern civilization. Adventure, which is suitable for everyone!

Price: 95$/adult, 145$/tandem (two adults), 135$/tandem with a child (5-15 years).
Included: Lunch, transfer, instructor, equipment.

ATVs + Rafting. 160$ / adult, 270$ / tandem adults, 250$/ tandem with the child.
ATVs + Elephant Park: 170$/adult, 290$/Tandem, 270$/tandem with the child.

ATV ride along the west coast. You drive along sandy beach, rocky terrain and through local villages. You can go alone or couple (tandem).

Price: Single ride 1 hour - 55$/person, 2 hours - 85$/person.
Tandem: 1 hour - 95$, 2 hours - 130$.
Included: Transfer, equipment, instructor.

Package "Horse + ATV" 150$/person: 2-hour trip on the quad, 2-hour horse ride, lunch, tour to Tanah Lot.

Ride motorcycles along a special route, which runs along the beach with black sand, rivers and rice terraces.

Price: 85$/2-hour trip, 55$/ hour trip.
Included: Transfer, motorcycle instructor.

Package "Horse + Motorcycles" 160$/person:2-hour trip on a motorcycle, 2-hour horse ride, lunch, tour to Tanah Lot.


Project Expedition Bali for those who want to make a trip through the wild nature of the island of Bali, visit the little-known places, waterfalls, temples hidden in the jungle, wild beaches, Batukaru mountains, hot springs and much more. All this on the legendary off-road Land Rover Defender.

"Journey to the North" - Balinese village, deserted temple, walk through the rice terraces and through the rainforest, waterfall Munduk (35 m). , Hot springs, Highland observation of 1400 m, the Mystic hotel.

Price: 160$/adult, 80$/child (5-12 years).

"Journey to the West" – more difficult rote. Paddy fields, coffee and rubber plantations, swimming in a waterfall Blehmantun (30 m), rubber plantation.

Price: 170$/adult, 90$/child (5-12 years).

"Land Rover + Quads" - 2-hour trip on the quad, 4 (Military Museum, Balinese cemetery of Independence, Temple Batukaru, hot springs, rice fields and countryside and real life indigenous Balinese Lanroverah hour ride, lunch and guide.Price: 260$/adult, 180$/child (5-12 years).

Are you ready for extreme off-road to conquer the rainforest while driving a professional Off-road vehicle (Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 40)? Become a member of tropical expedition and find Wild Bali!

Price: 480$/adult. For adults only! 

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